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Adding Value, Managing Risk

We believe that Alpha generation is the key to outperformance and is a cornerstone of our investment process.  Our investment philosophy is based accordingly with a Risk-Return model that incorporates the following core strands.

Risk adjusted returns are at the foundation of our investment approach. We actively manage risk within the portfolio by monitoring each and every position on a daily basis.  We take both a Macro and Micro view with an overlay of qualitative and quantitative analysis to arrive at the decision to hold or sell.

Independent and Cost Efficient
We are not incentivised to recommend expensive products or ideas. We base our decision on the quality of product and suitability to the underlying client’s investment objectives. We always endeavour to negotiate institutional pricing on products and investment funds to reduce the over all cost to our clients.


Diversification is key to portfolio construction at Halkin. We run bespoke asset allocation models based on diversified strategies, targeted to achieve appropriate returns based on the risk profile of our clients.

Halkin' Values




Our aim is to provide clients with a comprehensive set of solutions that address all their needs and requirements, such as: Portfolio construction, Investment Management & Risk Management, Estate and Tax planning (via an external provider), Philanthropic Advisory, including alternative funding options, strategic M&A advisory.


At Halkin Investments, we are acutely aware that each client is different, has different objectives, and that their individual needs require bespoke solutions. We provide a highly individualised service; this involves investing significant time in understanding all aspects of our clients’ wealth, their objectives and their attitude to risk, in order to best meet their needs. Excellent communication ensures their requirements and parameters continue to be satisfied, year after year.



Our business model is not commission based. This means we will always sit on the same side of the table as our client and provide independent, objective advice, and select the most appropriate investment vehicles to achieve their goals.



Our fee structure is extremely simple and customised to the requirements of each of our clients. We charge management fees as a percentage of assets under management. Our remuneration also includes a performance-related fee based on a portion of the excess return beyond a previously agreed benchmark. We only ever focus on the most cost-effective services and products for our clients. Further enhanced transparency is achieved by providing an independent consolidated reporting solution, allowing clients the option of full visibility on their consolidated assets, their performance and their fees. There is a complete alignment of interests between both parties.



Our asset allocation platform is built to provide innovative solutions for each client and to obtain competitive pricing of investment products relative to the market. Whether in funding, restructuring or hedging, Halkin Investments possesses the technical competency, either in-house or through our partners, to deliver innovative solutions to often complex scenarios. Innovation also means investment in modern technology – at Halkin we are able to leverage state-of-the-art asset allocation and CRM systems.


In striving to provide the best solutions for our clients, we associate ourselves with only the best industry providers. We hand pick the best possible candidates and highly-skilled professionals, drawn from a range of multi-cultural backgrounds. We apply the same discipline in selecting our service providers. Trust has been built around long-term working relationships and exemplary track records. These associations are constantly re-evaluated to ensure optimal and sustained results.


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