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Understanding your objectives and building on them

We provide a highly personalised approach to asset allocation. The process starts with an extensive assessment of your current circumstances, your financial goals & objectives and preference towards risk. This forms the basis of our bespoke portfolio construction and sets the parameters in which we manage your risk tolerance with the view to maximizing returns.

Bespoke Solutions: Challenging environments often require creative thinking and solutions. We do not lose sight of the importance of investing in real businesses which generate dependable cash-flows. In this respect we seek out liquid alternative strategies which exhibit low correlation and volatility relative to traditional asset classes. We undertake rigorous screening to ensure only the best solutions are selected for you.

Tactical Allocation: We believe that active risk management is the core of mitigating portfolio risk and volatility. New ideas are individually stressed and assessed on the basis of incremental risk.


Our experienced Investment Team plays an important part in generating these opportunities and is complemented by our extensive network of best-in-class partners.

Making the markets work for you

Drawing on strong relationships with leading financial and non-financial institutions, our open architecture allows us to work alongside different counter-parties to provide the most optimal solution for our client's needs.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a best-in-class Corporate Finance Advisory for the most complex of transactions, in order to help our clients achieve their objectives.

Our services include:

Assisting clients in identifying innovative sources of capital. These range from Financial Institutions to non-Financial Institutions, Private Equity, Insurance Companies and Sovereign Wealth Funds, as well as other alternative pockets of liquidity.


Assisting clients with Equity and Debt structuring.


Advising on divestiture, via both public and private platforms.

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Industry expertise, calibrated to your needs 

Halkin Investments Middle East Limited also provide assistance to our clients in financially structuring transactions, including advice on Senior and Mezzanine debt borrowings through our solid network of larger institutions. When required, Halkin also uses its strong network to introduce the best-experienced external Asset Managers to its real estate professional investors to help them maximise their investments.

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